Nicole Thomas

The Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Workshop – Founder

Nicole Thomas

RN | MSN | CCM | Founder of Nicole Thomas INC
Award-Winning NurseLeader | Author | Speaker

Nicole Thomas, RN, MSN, CCM, is the founder of Nicole Thomas INC., an action-oriented empowerment firm. She is also the co-founder of The Nurse Power Network, an online platform and an offline event curator for nurses seeking to gain control of their narrative as a nurse and operate with P.O.W.E.R. Purpose. Opportunity. Willpower. Empowerment. Resources.

Nicole uses her innovation, ambition, & intentionality to educate females that want to live purposefully as healthcare professionals. This is achieved via education, attentive guidance, providing resources, & implementing innovative solutions.

She has lead in her roles as manager & associate director, for fortune seven companies in the area of medical & clinical operations, a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, & allied health professionals that where challenged to go deeper into their “job” roles which resulted in 80% of her direct reporting staff expressing the desire to want to do more in their roles as a healthcare professionals and 65% evolving into their desired role as a healthcare professional. She has consistently over the last 5 years, maintained a 96% success rate on her ability to lead a successful team of healthcare professionals in the areas of productivity, education, motivation, and empowerment which landed her to be the recipient of the Super Hero award, a prestigious award in which over 1,500 were nominated but only 125 were selected. Currently, Nicole serves an appointment of an instructor of clinical nursing at one of the nations top 20 schools of nursing.

She has been feature in Black Enterprise, Rolling Out Magazine, Voyage Atlanta, and Nurse Together. She is a 2019 Daisy Foundation award recipient, as well as a 2019 Black Ball of Excellence award recipient