Concept to Creation

The Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Workshop

– Building A Brand and Business on Social Media – April 25th 2020- Houston, TX

The Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Workshop

Have you ever thought about becoming an impactful influencer, blogger, author, public speaker, or starting your own brand or business online?

Have you been overwhelmed with thoughts about “WHERE and HOW to start?”

Then Concept to Creation: The Entrepreneurship and Empowerment Workshop is your starting point as your first investment in your future.


  • The Industry of social media, blogging, influencer marketing, and lifestyle branding is a billion dollar industry which has changed the entire realm and practice of marketing over the last 5 years.
  • Brands and companies are restructuring their marketing from traditional platforms utilizing agencies to the platforms of influencer marketing, blogging, events, pop-ups, collaborations, and ambassadors.
  • Before the age of social media, the concept of creating your own brand, business, platform, or campaign was something many could not fathom outside of a traditional brick and mortar company built from the ground up. However, with the direct link that social media connects between a public figure and their audience, this prior concept of entrepreneurship is outdated.
  • Social media gives any individual, with the right amount of determination and guidance, the ability and opportunity to start a second career, provide extra income, launch a brand or business, or host a creative outlet outside of their typical full time “day job”.
  • Social media influencers, bloggers, and public figures are building organic platforms that lead to financial freedom and career independence through content creation, paid campaigns, brand collaborations, sponsorships, partnerships, authoring books, selling custom merchandise, and more.
  • As healthcare providers, the vast experience, expertise, and level of trust we offer is highly valuable.

Workshop Founders

Nicole Thomas

RN | MSN | CCM | Founder Of Nicole Thomas INC
Award-Winning NurseLeader | Author | Speaker

Katie Duke

ACNP-BC Nurse Practitioner| Influencer | Speaker |
Founder | Duke It Up Event